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Services - Individual Coverage Options

We recognize the need to obtain coverage for the individual who does not have a traditional group benefit plan or adequate coverage through an employer sponsored plan. We can assist you by providing access to coverage that you can tailor to your specific needs whether for Travel Medical or Health & Dental. By using the tools available within these links, you can review different coverage options and their accompanying premiums to ensure your coverage is tailored to your needs and budget.

Travel Medical

For Canadian residents, there are several situations that require medical coverage for you, people visiting or your dependents and we want to ensure there are options available for each including:

  • Coverage for unexpected medical emergency during your trip outside of Canada
  • Coverage for a medical emergency while travelling within Canada but outside your principle province of residence
  • An ability to add coverage including trip cancellation and interruption, baggage loss, flight and travel accident

For Visitors to Canada, coverage for temporary Emergency Medical during their stay or while awaiting Provincial Health coverage applications to be processed For Full-time Students, whether International Students studying in Canada or Canadian Students studying abroad or outside their principle province of residence

Travel Weblink

Health & Dental

For the individual, there are a selection of varying levels of coverage for drugs, dental, vision, extended health, travel insurance and more that will enable you to design your personalized program. Comprehensive coverage starts with a variety of options for the Core Plan with the ability to add additional options as required. For those that do not require the full range of benefits, there are Stand-Alone programs available as well.

Flexcare and FollowMe Health

To discuss any of these coverage options, please do contact us at john@jacksonassociates.ca.