Jackson And Associates
Services - Benchmarking

Our goal is to provide our clients with data, not opinions. We appreciate each client has a unique set of goals but all have an interest in how their compensation and benefit plans "stack up" within their industry sector, their geographical location or both.

Once a group benefit plan has been established, we suggest a process for measuring its performance also be established to ensure the plans continue to meet the desired goals.

Our employee benefit specialists support our clients in the design and ongoing management of their plans through a variety of resources including:

  • Using objective data from industry surveys
  • Comparing the employee group benefit plan or specific elements of coverage against the industry sector
  • Customized surveys using targeted companies for either specific benefits or all benefits
  • Surveys to determine reasonable costs by benefit or for all employee benefit plans
  • Benefit dashboards
  • to provide information to assist employees when enrolling
  • to monitor financial performance
  • to measure health and wellness initiatives
  • to track vendor performance
  • to ensure the plan links to the total compensation strategy