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Services - Audits

There are a number of factors that can erode the effectiveness of a group benefit strategy. Any number of changes in the business model can impact on total compensation strategies. These range from the year over year aging of the group to a complete change in the company's service offering which often impacts on attraction and retention strategies for employees.

The vendor relationships are also affected by changes in service delivery models as well as changes within their business operation or even the service team for the client. We provide the technical resources and the objective data to assist our clients in maintaining a competitive benefits strategy while minimizing their risk exposure.

We accomplish these goals through a number of services, including:

  • Review of current contractual provisions
  • Assessment of plan design
  • competitive to market benchmarks
  • supports company's attraction and retention strategy
  • recognizes employee demographics
  • Review of claim utilization
  • Audit of provider's claim adjudication process
  • Assessment of plan's financial performance
  • Review of financial and service agreements
  • Assessment of vendor performance